Danielle Hopkins CV


Danielle Hopkins: Founder

Danielle has nearly 20 years of experience in promoting financial inclusion and entrepreneurship domestically and internationally for low-income youth and adults.  She has worked with a range of stakeholders including governments, regional and national microfinance networks, financial institutions, NGOs and YSOs to design and evaluate financial inclusion policies and programs in more than 25 countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa.


Danielle has extensive experience in the design of financial capability programs.  She is currently working with UNCDF to design financial education materials for youth entrepreneurs in Senegal, Niger, the Gambia and Guinea integrating videos and an app.  In 2018 she worked with the IDB in Jamaica in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information and the Bank of Jamaica to design a national financial education strategy.  The strategy includes a five-year action plan for reaching key target groups, coordination of stakeholders and recommendations on the financial education content and delivery channels.  This involves consulting with key stakeholders in the public and private sector and NGOs to identify the enabling environment.  As the Director of the Global Financial Education Program at Microfinance Opportunities she led the capacity building, market research, program design and evaluation efforts of financial capability programs funded by Citi Foundation, Nike Foundation, DFID, Omidyar and USTDA with a total portfolio of $7 million, 10-15 consultants in Asia, Africa and Latin America, numerous U.S. and overseas partners and a team of four.  She designed financial education materials for different target groups (e.g. youth and female microentreprenuers, rural farmers, remittance receivers, homeowners), financial landscapes (e.g. banks, MFIs, regional networks, credit unions, government funded programs) and delivery channels (e.g. print, radio, soap operas, comic books, flip books, DVDs, mobile phones) on the topics of savings, budgeting, debt management, home improvements, microinsurance and risk management and mobile banking through a process of market research, analysis, design, pilot test and final modification.  As a Master Trainer, she also designed and implemented several financial education summits and Training-of-Trainers (TOT) workshops.


Danielle also has extensive experience in the evaluation of financial capability programs.  She assessed a  financial capability program targeting youth in the Dominican Republic and a program targeting microentrepreneurs in the Philippines using quantitative and qualitative tools to measure the short, medium and long-term outcomes mapped to a Theory of Change.  She  authored a study with UNCDF YouthStart on the effects and behavioral changes of financial and non-financial services on youth using the Financial Diaries methodology, conducting additional analyses of field results and further defining the research framework and financial capability indicators.  She also co-developed a financial capability index and accompanying toolkit through analysis of participatory field work in India, Pakistan, Costa Rica, Malawi and Kenya.


Danielle has conducted assessments to design and refine organizational strategies for youth financial inclusion and to promote youth employment and learning.  She recently worked with CGAP to draft a brief for policy makers and donors on financial inclusion as an enabler of youth employment and youth education.  She worked with Making Cents International to conduct a landscape review of youth financial and non-financial services in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, identified best practices and potential partners for a major microfinance network, interviewed key program staff to understand current programs and identify core competencies and provides recommendations on delivering youth-inclusive services in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.  She conducted organizational assessments with Save the Children to develop a global financial education program and assessment criteria that conforms to best practices.  She designed a financial capability program with ADOPEM in the Dominican Republic that included social marketing messages and materials, a 3-topic module and a Financial Jeopardy Game and built the capacity of staff at AODPEM and school teachers to the deliver the program.   She has also worked with youth financial capability and livelihood programs at UNCDF YouthStart, ChildFund International, FHI 360, SEEP and MFO.


In the U.S. Danielle has worked with the Economic and Community Development Institute to design and implement a 10-hour financial literacy course and a 25 hour business development course for Hispanic microentrepreneurs and with Junior Achievement to provive a 5-week entrepreneurship course to 3rd and 4th grade students.  Danielle has a BA in International Relations (Bucknell University), a MA in International Development (Ohio University) and a certificate in Non-Profit Management (Duke University).  She is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Bolivia and is fluent in Spanish.


Liz McGuinness

Liz McGuinness:  Strategic Partner in Research and Evaluation and Founder of LMG Consulting

IF Consulting has developed a strategic partnership with the founder of LNG Consulting, Liz McGuinness.  Liz recently supported the World Bank on financial literacy monitoring and evaluation frameworks for national financial literacy strategies.  Over the course of her career, Liz has worked in inclusive finance, financial capabilities, agricultural development and SME development.  Liz has been a leader in conducting field-based research in inclusive finance to support product development, assess needs or measure results of programming in: microinsurance, mobile banking, credit, savings, remittances, youth-focused financial services, financial education and financial capabilities.  Liz designed research to assess the digital literacy of low-income consumers in Zambia and Malawi.  She conducted field research on the financial landscape for rural residents of Malawi.  She led an insurance education radio campaign in Kenya and also supervised an impact evaluation of that program.  She advised on the design of household surveys of smallholder farmers access to finance in Tanzania and Mozambique.  She has conducted field research with farmers in Zambia and Tanzania.  She has worked with microfinance clients in Mozambique, Ethiopia and Mali.  As a volunteer, Liz trained smallholder farmers in Mozambique to set up a savings groups and she worked for a well regarded policy institute in Zimbabwe.  She has worked in all regions and in more than 20 countries.  She holds a BA (McGill University) and MA (New York University) in Economics.